Lottery Theory

A Powerball Journey

An exciting new theory

on lottery prediction, based on number laws.

The Book

This original research is being published for the first time. It promises to start a revolution in thought, giving new-found credibility to the science of numbers. The book explores the theory of numerical vibrations, and application to the prediction of lottery numbers. Acknowledgments are extended to Sepharial the author of “Kabala of Numbers”, first printed in 1911. This work expands the ideas first expressed there, and breathes new life into the study of numbers.

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Sneak Peak at "Lottery Theory: A Powerball Journey"

As the title suggests, the book journeys through lottery predictions and number theory for the Australian Powerball, beginning from the inaugural drawing on 23rd May 1996, through to drawings in 2013. Over 100 worked examples are included, explaining the theory behind the lottery predictions. General statistical theory is covered to demonstrate that results far exceed the predictions expected from probability alone.

Essentially the book is a compilation of a series of discoveries into the nature of numbers. For centuries numerology has been scorned by the so-called “rational” members of society, and relegated to the dustbin of academia. This work will begin the process of restoring numerology to the status of a science, and promises to begin a revolution in thought. It is an exciting time for alternative thinkers - we are on the cusp of a new era, when random numbers will be predictable, and chaotic systems determinable.

This the age of Aquarius, when knowledge is again poured out upon the peoples of the earth, like water from heaven. There is no patent on knowledge; the reader is encouraged to apply the numerical techniques to their own local lottery. ​

Below is a sample calculation from Draw No.24 from the Australian Powerball on 31st October 1996. Numbers drawn: 45, 42, 5, 19, 4, 26

D = 1 + 17 + 17 + 24 = 59 - 45 = 14
D2  = 31 + 47 + 47 + 54 = 179 - (3 x 45) =  44
D3  =  61 + 77 + 77 + 84 = 299 - (6 x 45 ) = 29

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