Lottery Theory

A Powerball Journey

An exciting new theory

on lottery prediction, based on number laws.

The Author

About The Author

The author is a researcher into the arcane arts. His background is in industry and he has consulted for the last twenty years. This is his first book.

From The Author

Like most writers I prefer the quiet life. The search for knowledge is what thrills me. My dream is that one day lottery numbers can be predicted by calculation - I look forward to the day when lottery number prediction will not be a mystery, a cloud that cannot be grasped, a butterfly that cannot be caught. The impossible dream is what spurs me on and goads me to action. It is the same dream that lead to the pursuit of the Holy Grail, and the alchemists' desire to turn lead into gold.

We are only here for a short time, and my aim is to alter the world with these ideas. I hope that the ideas expressed in the book will thrill the next generation of thinkers, that it will lead to recognition of a new science - the science of numbers, and the prediction of lottery numbers.

The Legend of Prometheus

In Greek mythology Zeus, the father of the gods, gave Prometheus the task of creating man. Prometheus shaped man out of mud, and gifted him fire from heaven. Like the gift in the story the numerical ideas are plucked frm the heavens, from the air, and presented to mankind. Like fire in the legend, this knowledge has the potential to torment the mind with the possibility of infinite wealth. But fire has also pushed humanity into incredible technological progress, and transformed mankind in so many ways. The hope is that mankind will adopt these ideas to gain a new understanding of the cyclical nature of the universe, and be transformed again.​​

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